Friday, February 8, 2013

Here i am again

here i sit...i guess i should start with how this will go? i will be very blunt with things, no sugar coatings here follks...and the punctuation will be very bad and so might the spelling but i hate spelling mistakes so i will do my best to keep it correct. i used to have a good hand to type with but it left the building...probably with my legs so it is with great labour that i type these escaped to you. i ask that you bear with me and this loose format, if you do i think you will get some pretty good insight on my emotional physical and mental state as we move forward... all of which are in a state of complete fuckedupness (yes i make up words too). talk to you soon my friend.



after reading the preview i noticed that my blogger account has 21 followers...when did that happen? well...thanks for following and you can join the facebook group §TëVë™ - AN MS JOURNY which i will be doing most of the day to day.

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