Wednesday, August 18, 2010

recovery episode II

its been a month since i had my angio...its had its ups and its had its downs. i must admit i have sat here watching how it has been affecting other people and i am happy too see positive results for many. that said, my own recovery is different.

maybe its that i dont understand how to recover? today i learned that i CAN do sit muscles work very well i just have to remember how to use them. when i tried real hard it happened and it got easier after that. im very happy at this moment... because up to this point its been a frustrating ride.

as an example of how its been, my legs are lifting better...MUCH better...this has been a very welcomed improvement for sure...unlocking new skills on the 2 flights of stairs i have in my home. now the thing that has not recovered nearly as well (maybe not at all?) has been my balance and co-ordination...this i have discovered is a real problem. with my legs lifting better, it has given me a false impresion that i can walk without a cane. it always starts off well...leg lifts and moves forward fine enough but i cant seen to control where it lands...this poses a problem for me when it lands on my other foot and momentum keeps me moving forward!!

my mood swings are also still absent for the most part...EVERYBODY in the house is happy about this...EVERYBODY. so as you can imagine home life has been more easy going than usual...that takes stress off of me and makes me easier to deal with...this makes life better for jen and i have learned... a happy wife = a happy husband, and thats just good for everyone.

i am encouraged,