Thursday, June 18, 2009


sometimes, i just want to cry....needless to say that shit has been tough as of late. everything just keeps getting harder with every passing day. my toes wont move on my left foot anymore, i cant seem to find any food that i am willing to eat so i am ALWAYS hungry, my eyes are becoming dull, my mind is always dwelling on current events (bad bad bad), the kids are getting minds of their own and are insisting that they are always right.... do i need to go on?

music has always been something that helps me shake the shit off BUT, i cant deal with all the liberal crap that "artists" spout out in their music so i have been turned off.

facebook? ya sure...if i havent spoke to you in 10 years there is a reason. you can try but be prepared to get snubbed. comment (GAY)

television ..more liberal crap then i ever care to watch.

where the hell is my shipment? i am dying here...

the government:

power grabbing, vote seekers, self serving, OVER PAID, dirt bags, ASS HOLES...sigh... that didnt make me feel better.

does anyone else want to punch perez hilton in the vagina... besides me?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

this rant was not suitable now that i feel better...