Tuesday, September 21, 2010

recovery episode III

hello to everyone!

its been a little over a month sice my last post and some good things are happening...physical and otherwise.

in november of 2009 i was lucky enough to see a special on ctv about some obscure doctor in italy of all places who, in his love for his wife decided to look outside the box at her disease...Multiple Sclerosis. he found something that neurologists have know since the begining...people wth "MS" (at this point i dont know what i should call this "disease" because its not really a disease but more like a symptom) have abnormal amount of IRON in the bbb (brain blood barrier). i was never once told in my 20+ years of living with this affliction, that there was iron in my brain...they knew and I WAS NEVER TOLD!!!

this is a very stressfull thing to have knowledge of....even now, 11 months after seeing the ctv special and having the procedure to fix that which was causing the issues in my body...the out look on life i have is that...i can trust NOBODY in a position of power and most of what we are told is no longer factual but biased towards money and keeping it flowing. now, i realize this is a really poor view to have but, if this can happen to MILLIONS of people world wide... because their affliction is making people billions and billions (9 billion anually and is expected to jump to 25 billion in the next 15 years) dont you think its a justified view? HELLYA!!

enough about the evils that surround whatever you like to call this affliction...in the first 8 weeks since having my angioplasti i have to say i had my doubts about the results i was seeing...i had seen all the videos of the great things that were happening to people globaly and i have to say that my own results were less than what i had seen. infact i was thinking that it was all in my head and i had a real problem telling people that it did anything at all...so i kept my mouth shut (just because i didnt get the results i wanted didnt mean other wouldnt, so why piss on hope?).

near the last weeek of august i spoke with someone that i hold in high regard...Jeanine baker. she told me to get on to the whole physio thing...to that point i had figured that i already knew how to walk so it should come back to me on its own...i will admit that Ginger told me in the begining that it helped her and i should seek a physio therapist...but i can be pig headed, stubborn, a knowitall, and in this case i was all of the above. so after speaking with jeanine and hearing the echo of gingers words in my head...i went seeking an outpatient program that jeanine said were covered by the government...and within (no joke) 5 minutes of junping online i was signed up to a place 7 minutes from my house.

i like results....good or bad i always learn something and i figure that physio should at the least tell me whether or not i am seeing anything. so on sept 9th 2010 at 3pm i made my way to see carolyn at out patient services in oshawa...unfortunatly i was a day early lmao... but she saw me anyway. we spoke on my history and i told her about my angio and she told me about another patient she has who went to mexico for an angio...we then base lined my walking and i went on my way with an apt for the following thursday...during the week i found some videos of the muscles used in walking...the muscles would turn red when being used. so i worked on what i considered my very week points.

the following thursday came and i showed up on the correct day at the correct time, everybody was happy about this! carolyn asked me to walk for her again and noticed that my right leg didnt scissor (legs crossing infront of the other) as much as when i was there a week earlier...i proceeded to tell her about  my muscle video and what i had been working on. we then worked on some stretches and then some excersises that i would do on a daily basis...most of which invoves my legs and  butocks. its now been 5 days and let me say, if it wasnt for the stiffness in my legs i would be walking...botox here i come!

i had started this trip hopeful and then i was uncertain... now, through listening to others and not myself i have come to realize that with hard work AND help from others, i am getting better. i am encouraged and hopeful!!

to those who still think its all smoke and mirrors / snake oil / junk science...i wish you all the best but, i am moving on without you! so dont let the door nob hit ya where the good Lord split ya!!

talk soon