Monday, May 24, 2010

would you fight if it were you in my shoes?

so with 7 weeks to go and a TONNE of money to raise/beg/borrow/steal i am officially STRESSED OUT!!! i have been reading and viewing testimonials from MS'rs who have had the liberation procedure done and i am very encouraged by the results. it looks like the effects go beyond what people had expected...and as time goes on the healing continue's and improvements are recognize regularly. this is exciting for me to witness... especially with my turn coming at a rapid pace.

speaking about the rapid pace at which my date is approaching...i must EMPHASIZE the need for help with money. jen and i need help with fund i know i have a bunch of musician friends that i have been in bands with and who were all very talented (more than me anyway) and maybe this is my direct plea to you guys...can we do some sort of benefit concert with the musicians from both bands? i know you guys know who you are and maybe im being presumptuous about your help but I REALLY NEED IT.

there is coming a time when my health will be returned to me and i will be able to start helping others with their own fight...i am looking forward to taking on our government in the struggle to bring CCSVI in to the mainstream and ridding our country of MS. it really makes no sense why they are keeping us from a cure...everyone wants to find a cure until its found and it not what they were hoping for, which seems to be the case with CCSVI. I ALSO DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THE PUBLIC CAN BE HAPPY WITH SPENDING $139 MILLION A YEAR (HALF OF WHICH IS SPENT ON DRUGS THAT ARE PROVEN TO DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) ON A DISEASE THAT COULD BE CURED FOR $124 MILLION...that free's up $139 million that could be spent on something children living in poverty in Canada. our government is full of mentally deranged individuals dont you think? HOW GREAT IS OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM? EVERYONE KNOCKS THE AMERICANS FOR THEIR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM...funny that THEY  are the ones fixing me while canada and its SUPERIOR healthcare sit on their asses and let me go else where to spend money INSTEAD of keeping it here.

may 26, 2010 is world MS day...i ask you join the following group!/group.php?gid=126466010700967 and help us in our email blitz of the canadian MP's...lets show them who they work for!!!

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